Thank You Notes

(I’m still feeling my way around YouTube. Annoying you can’t fade in or out the music. Enjoy the drop off. Sigh.)

I thought I’d go to Starbucks and get my free coffee and tell the universe how lucky I was to enjoy something free. Then I thought, that’s just sad. That’s not the example I want to be in this world.

I stood outside my front door and watched the rain pour all over my neighborhood. Across the street I noticed my neighbor’s tree in full bloom like a bright ball of cotton candy melting under relentless raindrops. How do you explain to a tree it’s better to wait and bloom a little later in the year? You can’t, the tree loves the warmth of the sun.

I looked at the tree and thought, how lucky am I? An entire tree in bloom, like a giant bouquet from the universe just in time for my birthday. Who should I thank for this gift? Mother Nature and her ability, like most women, to change her mind? Or Global Warming and the tenacity it inspires in all living things to survive, or in this case bloom?

Dear Mother Nature, 

Thanks so much for the early arrival of spring, then the late arrival of winter rain. It was a joy to see my neighbors tree bloom so early. I look forward to seeing it bloom again in the coming weeks. 




 Dear Global Warming, 

Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess you’ll have to find a few new tricks? My neighbor’s tree across the street pretty much kicked your butt in the last few days. It’s true, you sometimes turn the blue sky brown, force the trees to bloom early, but my neighbor’s tree is an extraordinary shade of pink this year. So, I thank you for inspiring their flowering tree to bloom so bright, and eventually twice this year. The fact it bloomed on my birthday was nicely done!!! 



I dunno, it’s toss up. Maybe they both warrant a thank you?

Free coffee? Or free blooms? I got it all, but the blooms might be more memorable in the long run. Hopefully Global warming won’t feel inspired to kick things up a notch. I imagine if people see and appreciate the free blooms around them too, Global warming won’t stand a chance.



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