Funeral directors face a very strong expectation to look professional; The look can quickly be associated corporate and political. Can you imagine a funeral director arriving at your house to receive your loved one wearing jeans? Or scrubs? Maybe some people can, but most can not. It’s funny though, buying a casket at Costco seems fashionable, but dealing with someone wearing jeans is where the line is drawn?
I sometimes wonder if the majority of Americans have lost interest in the art of dressing up; which makes the expectation of conservative dress upon a funeral director even more fascinating. Boy Scouts no longer need a pressed uniform, a jacket is no longer needed for fine dining, in fact, if you want to wear your PJ’s to Starbucks . . . YOU CAN! I won’t even dive into the pull up your pants people, we’ve seen that look for decades now.
I agree funeral directors  should look professional. So, sadly the jeans have to go. I’m not saying I love wearing a suit for every moment of my professional life, but so it goes with responsibility; It’s just part of what it takes. I do enjoy the added respect I seem to receive for no other reason than I’m wearing a blazer.  Some style seems to establish a sort of unspoken contract between people; there will be a level of  respect given and received by your style. I suppose that’s the comfort people need when someone arrives to accept your loved one.
A question comes to mind. Do most Americans prefer comfort over respect?
Polyvore is one of my guilty pleasures in life; I admit it. I like to see what’s up in fashion and design, I usually want everything, but more often, I’m laughing by the end because I have yet to put together a casual look that costs less than a thousand bucks. Frigg’n purses and accessories. Oh well, if you are going to hoard, this is a wonderful way to do it. LOL!!
The tune – Blue Jeans and Diet Mountain Dew


  1. Hah! You go!! It’s a fine opportunity to build a wonderful and appropriate presentation – but does it mean the singlasses headband might be too casual;) ?
    I like what you picked, I am sure you will wear it all with calm authority and compassion.

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