Cellular Death


I’m posting this from my phone. I am AMAZED at how much I use this phone for. I check the weather, get directions, it guides me where I go, lets me chat with people, helps me document things, remembers and reminds me of to do’s and to gets, finds information for me, helps me cook, helps me study, entertains me, helps me meditate and on and on and on. It’s crazy how much I use this thing for. Now I use it to blog! How did I live before this phone?

I started to wonder, What will death be like without a cell phone? Could I handle that? Is the afterlife cell phone free? I can’t imagine. However, if I go to the next level and Steve Jobs is standing there in his black turtleneck and jeans pointing the way to the Genius Bar, I think I might become a lost soul. The only way I could be happy to see a genius . . . If they were genius enough to invent something update and “agreement” free; THAT would be heaven!

Despite all the things I find and do on my phone, I needed the organization and simplification of a book to learn some chemistry. I went to the library and ended up with the book pictured above. You’d think the librarian might be a little curious when someone checks out a chemistry book and a book about Lenin’s embalmers. Nope. Personally, I think I would have thought, serial killer, but that’s just me.

I picked this book because I’m curious how it all happened and what the embalmers were thinking. Hopefully I’ll find some time without my cell phone to actually read it. I wonder if my hands remember how to hold a book. I’m worried they only know how to hold this phone and a cup of Starbucks at this point. I wonder if Lenin would have had a cell phone, would they have put the phone in his hands? Can you imagine? Lenin in his tomb with a cell phone? I bet his cell phone case would be red.



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