Give the gift of good luck

Sometimes I think we underthink the possibilities of a caring action-
Thank yous

What about just giving someone a bit of good luck? A break in their favor? Some good energy?

The last two times I’ve parked in this parking lot I’ve received too very small tokens of unexpected good luck that made my day in very large ways.

last week, I drove up to the parking permit machine and a guy stopped me and asked me if I wanted his parking permit for the day?

Wow! Yes!!!

Smile, smile, smile!!

Today, I got to the Parking permit machine and what’s waiting for me in the receipt slot? A parking permit for today. Again!!! Wow!

Smile, smile, smile!!! Grin!!

Two little moments of good luck two people gave. We can all give the gift of good luck.

Thank you thoughtful unknown strangers wherever you are!



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