The time has come

“I don’t have time”

That’s what we say so often.

I haven’t written anything lately because I haven’t had time. I have 15 minutes right now, so a post it will be.

I realized I talk a lot about death to people like it’s totally normal, as much as talking about life. Recently, it struck me how comfortable I’ve become about talking about death and how odd it might be to those I’m speaking to.

The fact of the matter is, we live in a culture that just doesn’t want to think about death, much less talk about it in casual conversation. I began to wonder if I’m becoming one of those people other people avoid because I’m always talking about things that are “uncomfortable”.

Then I realized, a little discomfort might also mean a little growth. We are a very comfortable, yet suffering culture. Maybe the discomfort of the conversations I have with people might bring a little relief to a suffering someone didn’t even realize they had?

In the short time I have been studying death, I have learned a lot about life.

All I really know is, love is everything.

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