Take out The Trash and Love It

I woke up this morning and saw a story about a bunch of American Baseball fans who left a ton of trash on a beautiful memorial at a baseball park. The sculpture was dedicated to a fan, a father,  who died trying to catch a baseball for his young son a few years ago. I was, as many are, upset. I’m not going to provide a link to the story, not the energy I want to spread. I don’t want to be another drop in the bucket that reminds everyone how uncaring the world can be. I want to remind people we can be different, we can be better, there are other options and our actions matter.

So I started thinking about sports and what I remember about sports. I remembered there was a time when the majority of American football players were expected to be role models. I remember popular players in the 1970’s wearing blazers and supporting charities. I was hoping I could find one of the many commercials I used to see  that featured a player supporting a charity  of his choice on youtube, no luck.

Then I started thinking about fans. I’m familiar, like many are, with the deadly stories of over zealous fans. But what about loving fans?

Then I found this  . . .


Yes, those are European football fans, those hardcore pint drinking, knock your lights out football fans we’ve all heard about in the news through the years.

This video reaches beyond sports. As a woman, I have witnessed many men fall victim to the comfort of failing to feel or express love. Man or woman, we are human, we have a deep human desire to expressing our love, our happiness, our silliness; If we don’t, we develop a very strong and unnecessary  ball of suffering that often hurts not only ourselves, but everyone around us including strangers. So much unhappiness in the world  is built from the inability to express care, love or appreciation. It doesn’t have to be like that.

I LOVE the first three videos for so many reasons.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized for many, learning to express care, or love is skill many must learn. So often we think of caring or loving as effortless or natural.  The fact is, for many they are skills many must learn with a lot of hard work, fear and discomfort. These guys learned the song well, they took the risk. This is bravery we should really appreciate and value. Life can be this sweet and well remembered.

Don’t become so numb or ignorant to love and caring you forget where your trash belongs. If you gotta be a litter bug, litter with love and care. : )








  1. I cried and cried- listened to each of the choruses, blown away by the combination of contradictions, realizing maybe the idea of contradictions is at least in part in my mind not in the world

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