Snooping . . .


Is this how far we have come?


I love freedom of speech, so Snoop, you do what you gotta do my fellow American.  I openly hear you. However, I gotta balance out the universe a little,  too many  important and valuable people have taught me a different lesson in responding to hurtful and ignorant events such as the one unfolding around Donald Sterling.

As the news swarms the fate of Donald Sterling for his offensive and hurtful comments, I think we should also wonder why we don’t give ourselves, as a country, more credit for coming so far? We have come a long way if you start to add it all up. Is the journey complete? No, but we have traveled a long way in a very short amount of time. There is a lot we can be proud of. Why can’t we recognize a painful history and openly appreciate how much work we’ve done as a nation to strengthen civil rights for so many? WE as a nation made many lives better. WE as a nation learned to value one another more deeply and fairly. WE learned who was wrong and we worked to make it right.

Is it really possible to punish Donald Sterling at his stage in his life? No. He’s already spent the majority of the most valuable thing he will ever have, time. What will it eventually cost us  if we punish him with hate, legal manipulations, or violate the rights of free enterprise? He sucks, no doubt about it, but there is a sad lonely cave waiting for him he won’t enjoy. Maybe he is the example of what not to be so we will always remember who we don’t want to be? Does a witch hunt ever really succeed?

Spend time loving someone in honor of how far we’ve come. So many  continue to suffer because we are a culture of punishment rather than forgiveness and love. If you have learned love, or received love from the many changes America has  made in the past, teach it relentlessly with kindness, patience and joy to all those who have not been so fortunate.

Yes, Snoop . . . You too! You have more ears than I do.









  1. You are so sweet, you. Your sentiments are a counterbalance to the frenzy, aIbeit not quite the bloodfrenzy that the bigoted and hateful usually express. I think i understand your post and have many similar concerns. Everything can be turned on its head. I dont think there is a sad lonely cave waiting for this billionaire, though.On the contrary, i think he will be celebrated by the likes of many other billionaires and hate mongering ideologues . I agree we have come far. I even agree that we must practice loving kindness, tell the positive stories, as Pete Seeger used to say , for they change the world. But, the players of color, the Jewish players, i cannot speak for them. The history of hate oppression slavery violence exploitation is such that these kinds of revelations can not entirely be evaluated by themselves as aberrations in an otherwise Beautiful world. You are very wise and think deeply. It is necessary to hold it all in a way, and the media is a much shallower pool than it once was – plunging depths and nuances. Sigh. He will undoubtedly sue. What a waste . The money could save a country, cure a disease, educate children. Double sigh.

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