Death of a house Keeper

The Brady bunch is just a group now, Alice has died. šŸ˜¦

I watched the Brady Bunch growing up. I loved the house they lived in. I loved the whole enchilada. To me it seemed like they lived on another planet because my life was nothing like what the Brady Bunch had.

Alice. . . can you imagine a time when it wasn’t odd for a family to have a housekeeper? I think I fell in a time between some homes having one, and not having one. In my family home we didn’t have one, but I heard stories about a time when other generations did. The stories always hinted at the strong influence and affection felt for these women. My grandmother, on the other hand, had a weekly housekeeper who I grew up feeling as though she was a part of my personal history.
I’ve never had to clean another families house for money. Honestly, I think it would be a hit to my ego.
I loved this woman, I was expected to show her respect like any other guest that came to my grandmother’s home. It was the absolute best coming home after she cleaned my grandmothers house, all lemony fresh. I’d even admit I found watching their personal and “professional” relationship amusing at times. I think i’d even go so far and say it was delightful at times.

As my grandmother got older, I got older and the housekeeper got older we all accumulated special glances towards one another. My grandmother would glance at the housekeeper, about me, it was the young woman are stupid look. I would glance at the housekeeper, about my grandmother, it was the old women are so crazy glance. Guess who was in the middle all the time? The housekeeper. Then when my grandmother began to fade and so did the housekeeper it was a double hit to my heart. They were a couple on some level. There was a loss when this relationship no longer existed on my life.

Alice, from the Brady bunch, keeper of glances, secrets, and mediator between kids and parents. I wonder if all families aren’t missing something when this sort of third party is missing? A sort of buffer? A witness?

Alice, I hope you find your dust free heaven where all spills dissipate in an instant. I hope all the rags are now infinite riches. I hope you cross paths with the beautiful wan who was much more humble than I am. I hope you and her can exchange war stories about how crazy and unique each family is.

RIP Alice


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  1. Wow. Reading this post, i have many thoughts about my experience w the class system as achild zndhow important the women my mother employed , were to me, how i abandoned them, later and how wewere all entangled in my early life. I personally loathed the brady bunch because they were so surreal in comparison to my and my friend’s lives. Growing up in bklyn w few friends who had siblings or “traditional” families, it seemed bizarre and honestly sort of claustrophobic. I loved the adamms family. Crazy, right?! Anyway, i wish i couldthink of housekeepers w/0 feeling regret. I am glad you and your grandmother had a person who was both beloved and sympathetic. When we r young, gawd knows that can make a huge difference and i thank the woman ( what was her name?) Who helped take care ofyou and your granma. Xo CG


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