The Return

I think I’ve just completed one of the rules about having a blog, I didn’t write for a long time, and now I’m back.

I stopped, why? I’m not sure. Summer came, that was part of it for sure. I’ve had other things going on, and I’ve had personal questions about my choice to work in funeral services. Like starting a blog,  funeral service beginnings are wildly easy, all the work on the path, not so easy.

It’s been interesting to hear the various attitudes towards the funeral industry, funeral directors, and death from all sides of the fence. I am sad to say much of the general public embraces a fairly negative, and acceptable stereotype towards much of funeral industry. I am happy to say, from the very beginning, my program has made it very clear the job is to care about the families you work with. I have been very surprised how much dedication and commitment my funeral service program expects in order to earn a degree in Mortuary Science. I think people would be very surprised to know how much we are expected to know legally, ethically, and medically to pass. I can tell you, the standards are high and very well regulated for consumer protection by agencies such as OSHA and the FTC.

Personally, as many might suspect, I have been wrestling with the embalming part on two levels. Of course, the first, do I really want to do embalming?  Can I do it? I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty intense; fascinating too, but WOW, Really? The second part is, what’s the point of learning embalming if the demand isn’t going to be there? Current numbers suggest embalming might be a thing of the past. Sooooo . . . am I wasting my time? It’s a lot of time, by the way, microbiology just doesn’t cross over your membranes like a deadly virus. Flashcards, Flashcards, flashcards . . . Make them go away!!

So, this is a short post to begin again. I have numbers of fungi, algae and protozoans calling my name, demanding I spend the day with them. Why? So I can make sure families get the best care they will need in the future during a painful loss. For some reason, Trypanosoma Brucei Gambiense helps in that cause. I’m posting a small video about this little gem of a vector. Frankly, this critter scares the bageebers out of me so I share him just in time for Halloween. Ya, I’m not going to Africa to trick or treat or anything.


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