How To Die in Oregon


Last night after I read a few chapters of The American Way of Death. I put the book away and looked for a movie to watch on Netflix.What do I find?  How to Die In Oregon by director Peter Richardson.

Yes, this is my life. Friday night and I’m reviewing the immune system, reading The American Way of Death, and then watching How to Die in Oregon. I’m worse than a nerd at this point. Sigh.

How to Die in Oregon is a must see movie.  The beginning is a little mind-blowing, I almost turned it off, stick with it.  This issue, the right to choose to die with dignity, will touch every family in some form or another. Everyone will have a loved one, or a friend who will deal with many of the situations found in this movie. How to Die in Oregon casts a broad net over the many lives touched by the process of death and a choice to take control of death. Saying, “I want to die”,  the easy part, not a cowards way out or suicide as you’ll see in the movie. This movie digs into everything that comes after a person decides to control their death and how it impacts their remaining life and those they love.

I loved all the people in the movie. All the families and individuals were truly genuine, living, and dying with very brave, caring, and thoughtful hearts. They were all the type of people I enjoy meeting. All I can say is, living is no joke. I hope everyone takes the time to watch How to Die in Oregon. At the very least, you’ll feel inspired to hug, or call someone you love just because you know you can.


Life Is Messy

Life Is Messy
Puzzle of the day . . .  A Billion $’s
What would you do with a billion $’s if you had it?
Can you imagine how much fun it would be to give out a Billion $’s!!!
Where to Begin I say!!!
Food for the  homeless?
Medical care for veterans?
Money for  schools?
Money for national parks?
Money for animal shelters?
Money for pedicures?
Money for therapeutic massages?
Money for mediation?
after school programs?
treatment for trauma?
meals on wheels?
free cooking classes?
and on
and on
and on . . .
and yet, those with the power only seem to have the unhealthy creativity to spend it on . . .
 bad relationships?
and lies?
I’m trying to become part of an industry that essentially tries to sell “caring”. That’s a bad thing? More often than not, it’s an industry  associated with uncaring greedy shysters, despite the majority of funeral directors working very hard to care about families in need. No one wants to pay for a funeral because it’s too expensive, Suspicious of the funeral director? Might lose some money?
Taxes . . .  it’s a story as old as money.
Loans . . . what’s really being loaned?
interest . . . there’s more than one kind.
questions . . . never hurt an honest soul
answers . . . everyone’s got them.
Voting . . . you do it EVERY SINGLE DAY
What if we have lost the art of productive suspicion? Who do you trust and why? Have they earned your trust? or did you just give it away? How expensive it that?
Life is messy. No thy messes.
I can handle the mess of love and care. I could easily live in a world that complained about being loved too much. Does that sound foreign? Why should it? It doesn’t have to sound silly unless we let it.
Business and Care can clean things up. This guy knows it.