New Tricks


They say the first step is always the hardest . . .

drags feet . . .
twists hair . . .
deep sigh . . .
rolls eyes . . .
do I have to?

Step  . . .

I admit it; I am a disgrace to my generation. I am OVER all things techy and social media. However, these ARE the times we live in, soooo it’s practically a rule one must participate in something twitteresque or iphony. The times demand we confess all things mediocre and personal with every moment that passes. How else could we possibly prove we exist?

Was Steve Jobs the new Jesus?
Mark Zuckerburg a new Prophet?
Facebook the new church?
“friends” the congregation?
YouTube the choir?
Internet Subscriptions the new tithings?

Cyberspace, a place where objects formerly known as human beings,  resurrect into eternal life? Some say we killed God, did we destroy heaven and hell too?

Ok, that sounds a little cynical. 🙂

Well, I’ve paid a lot of money to afford such cynicism. I was one of the first to have an Apple computer in the 80’s. I was, therefore, one of the first to know there would never be enough memory or money. Yes, thanks for the expensive memories, Steve Jobs (RIP). Decades later . . . still not enough memory, but no more switching out disks to make Photoshop work. I guess this must sound a little like walking a mile in the snow just to get to school?

My Apple orchard has grown over the years. It’s like any relationship; it takes updates, understanding and work in more ways than one. Maybe I should have had an iwedding? Drawn up an inup? So when my mac pro crashed over a new ios I could have petitioned for a lifetime of free upgrades? Oh well, I have new imac now. That’s life, macs change.

For years I have been contemplating a blog, well, more like feeling a “social pressure” to have one. So here I am, officially involved in the Internet like everyone else. A baby step, a sort of little toe in the deep end of the cyber swimming pool.



  1. Oh!!! I love this! You have such a rye sense if humor and i like the arc of this dtory plus plus, i love the photo – gorgeous and i love theeyaphors!:)

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